Things that sucks about being a man

I had to attend my cousin’s wedding. As my parents went earlier I had my luggage to carry as well.

I boarded a bus, which was crowded owing to the evening. I was pushed towards the back, mercilessly.

The push and pull almost made it as a battle field with me holding my carry bag as the weapon against them, who only think of their existence.

I was finding it difficult to stand due to the tiring day I had.

I knew that an uncle was standing behind me. He doesn’t seem well and he was trying hard not to hit me whenever the bus driver decided to put brakes.

I saw him searching for a seat and have been asking conductor about the same due to his leg pain.

Two ladies on the seat adjacent to which I was standing, stood to leave as their place had come. One lady in front of me, jumped right onto it as if she discovered a treasure.

Suddenly something struck me, I turned and asked the uncle to sit.He was surprised, initially and kinda hesitated.

I had to ask him twice before someone snatch it, even the chain snatchers won’t have as much perfection as a lady grabbing a seat.

He finally, sat, smiling at me with the sparkle of gratitude twinkling in his eyes!

It wasn’t ladies seat, then also his hesitance to sit, amazed me.

Once my friend was travelling by a bus. He was standing back.People were boarding and he couldn’t get a seat.

He was lost in thoughts. Suddenly he heard two guys, whispering.

“Look, that girl is constantly turning back as if we are gonna harass her. What a pity?” He looked at the direction and saw a girl constantly looking back though none of the men even knew her existence.

What sucks about being a man?

The judgement of their character, the execution of their emotions, everything has already set as per the notions rooted in our society!

Ever had a situation where your mind is bleeding and all you can do is cry internally just because that society has already measured the tear drops a man must shed?

An arranged marriage

“No, no, the black one.” Ritu was confused while purchasing a saree.

“Madam, I have shown you, every saree!” Salesman stared and left out a sigh.

“I feel like purchasing every saree here for my mom. But I am short of budget!”

“I have never seen a girl so confused about sarees. Haven’t you ever worn a sari?” Ritu turned back to see a young man who had tousled, dark brown hair with chiseled features, in white shirt and black pants.

“Looks like you have researched much about girls and even worn sarees, is it?”

“Haha, no but I didn’t take much time. I came here half an hour ago and have already purchased. Now, just wandering around.” He replied.

“Oh,wow! That was fast! Slow claps for you!”

“Shall I help you? You look gorgeous in this blue kurti. I guess, your mother might also look as beautiful as you. So why don’t you select a saree of the same colour?”

“Are you a detective? I am amazed.” Ritu said.

“Actually I am from CIA, came here to see you, madam president! Of course, it is a guess. Don’t you even have the common sense to understand that?” He smirked.

“Ughh…You are so annoying.”

“But she is more annoying than me, right? He pointed towards the salesman and asked.

The salesman was about to nod in agreement but didn’t want to face the terror of an irritated customer, so he ignored the question. “I will take the black one”, she declared.

Ritu stormed out of the textile shop after paying, cursing herself for having the most irritating day.

“Mom, I have waited for 1 long hour in this restaurant for the guy whom father told me to meet. He didn’t come.”

Ritu was talking to her mother on phone after waiting barely 5 minutes at the restaurant because she didn’t have much interest in her marriage.

“We called him. He said that, he already met you at some textile shop. Also he said that he wanted to learn “how to wear a sari?’, though I don’t know what that meant.”

“But how might he have figured out my location? Oh my, I had told it to dad. Damn!” After collecting her shattered senses, she cut the phone and walked towards the bus stop.

“Haven’t you ever worn a sari, my lady?” Ritu blushed as he whispered in her ears, while the pandit was carrying out their marriage ceremony.

The mafia king chapter -2

“The hell did just happened!” I could feel my screams reverberating inside me, digging into my skin.

I was panting when I bolted the door to my apartment hastily. The chaos at the club had staggered my breath and oblivious to the puddle of bloody mess I’ve gotten myself into, all I did was run away from it.

Coward you are, Cel. I could hear my inner voice rumbling inside and I could feel my conscience writhing under the agony.

Helpless. Coward. Pathetic.

Sera’s call pulled me away from the trance. Seraphine Livingston, my best friend, who was a fashion designer, wanted to come with me to the club but I wanted an adventure which ended me up in this mess.

I didn’t take the call as I wanted to forget everything at least for a moment and all I’d get from telling her all these is making her stressed.

I sauntered towards the kitchen to fetch some water. Suddenly I heard a knock and tracing it’s direction back to my front door, I slowly walked towards it.

“Would that be Sera?” Asking to myself, I trudged with careful steps.

“Who’s this?” I asked through the intercom

“Ma’am, we’re from the Rays company. We came here for your AC repairing.” Through the cam placed in front of my door, I saw two men with strong built bodies, perfectly fit expensive clothes and their brown and golden curls were exquisitely gelled.

“AC mechanics?! Seriously! Where would have they possibly repaired AC? Maybe at their gyms when they might’ve got bored of the deadlifts and all.

“I don’t have an AC.” I yelled through the intercom, as the air around me reeked off danger.

With a thud, the door swung open, and my eyes bulged out as a gasp erupted from me, or more like a shriek, ugh I don’t remember much.

I ran towards the store room in front of me, with a shaking my body but accidentally dropped my phone as my hands were shivering and was sweating profusely.


Panting, I closed the door, while I heard the rushing of their heavy foot steps behind me.

“Aw, don’t be scared of us dear. Come outside,” One among them shouted.

“Then what am I supposed to do in this situation, laugh?” Although my mind yelled it, I cupped my mouth immediately.

“Haha, would she come out when you call her sweetly! Lol! Ye ain’t calling ‘er for a date but to kill ‘er, forgot that?”

“She ain’t coming out, bro.”

“Chill bro. She will. Lemme ask.”

“This is the last time we’re calling. Next one we’ll be doing is putting a bullet inside your thick arrogant skull.”

I wanted to yell, I wanted thrash them, and most of all I wanted to kill them.

It was dreadful. Damn dreadful than one could comfortly sit and imagine in her couch to perform some ninja action. I should do something although I could feel my brain shutting down slowly, painfully.

“I.. I’ll give you money. Please go away, it must be a mistake,” I pleaded.

“And what are we supposed to do with that if we aren’t alive. It ain’t a mistake but a direct order to kill you Ms. Celeste Vincent, Broklyn Apartment, No.122,” the man replied.

“The hell! That’s my address, my damn address,” I was stunned.

“Yes, milady. Now please come out.”

Something struck my mind, struggling, I yelled, “No. I’ve called the police. They might be reaching any time soon.”

“With what did you call them? Throat? Your phone is in my hand and even if you’ve done that they wouldn’t dare to come here.”


I snuggled to a corner as my store room didn’t had a window to call for help. A shiver wrapped around my body, as I heard the thud again by which they blasted my door.

Grabbing my hands, they dragged me towards my living room. The fear had made its way towards my heart, clawing my senses.

“Leave me bastards. Help…” With all my force, I kicked, beat and even tried to bite their hands but they seem to have made up of steel.

“Let’s finish it quickly.”

“Yeah,” the man was busy taking a knife out of his bag while an opportunity glinted at me, I quickly took out the screw driver which I had taken from the store and had hidden in my jeans. Lunging towards the other man, I dig the screw driver into his stomach.

With a loud shriek, he fell back, while I ran towards the main door, only to collide with a body. My eyes widened in horror as I saw another stout, tall man standing in my doorway, as he gripped my hands.

“Where are you running?”

“Ugh, leave me..” I withered under his grip.

“How could I? We’re given a quotation to kill you,” he replied.


“Kill…kill that bitch,” a shaking voice came from behind me.

The man among the two, were running to hold me. Suddenly his phone buzzed.

“Hello boss.” He greeted with politeness which seem to have appeared in second.

I couldn’t hear the other voice but I intently watched his conversation.

“What? We don’t have to kill her! But why?” Wiggling his thick bushy eyebrows, he asked.

“No, we can’t. We’re going to kill this bitch. She drove a screw driver into Henry’s stomach.”

There was a pause in between the conversation but I focused well inorder to hear everything.

“Ok, ok. You don’t have to be angry. We won’t kill her,” I was calmed a bit, “but take her to you,” I was terrified.

They took me out, holding my hands and a gun behind me. I walked with tears peeping out of my eyes to rake over the dark sky, slithering into the oblivion, as I didn’t ever feel this much helplessness in my life.

There wasn’t anybody for me, anyone for me but my career, and I only trusted and loved it. Living every moment of agony, I saw my world of dreams tearing apart.


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The mafia king


“Pretty babe, wanna dance with me?”

“No. I am waiting for someone,” I replied.

“Ugh, come on! Why every pretty girls out here have to wait for someone? Can we at least have a shot?”


“Well, okay then,” he retreated his ventures but suddenly he wobbled against me, hitting me in my chest, before I could even think my hand reached for his and twisted it, while I pushed him away.

Fury ceased my senses as I had felt his hands gliding on my back reaching my waist. I just wanted to kill that bastard for touching me.

“Ah, leave me, that was a mistake for God sake, can’t you see?” He yelled with his all might until I loosened my grip and that’s when I noticed I was inviting the attention which I shouldn’t be at this crucial moment.

“Mistake?” I hissed at his words that reeked off cunning creature he was.

I saw few people glaring at the scene created by me but they didn’t give a fuck about it rather moved on with their intoxicated minds, rushing for the alcohol.

The rhythm of music was shifting in the air while I eyed the club thoroughly. Girls were dancing or more like stomping the floor callously, desperate of grabbing some attention. I cringed at the bright red lipstick making its way towards those lip, which actually was applied in tons.

I moved towards the washroom at the the other end of the club, as I had to meet someone for an information, which he had offered at a price, a price which I couldn’t afford, but still couldn’t refuse, as it carried a huge break for my career.

Standing at the door, I let my eyes wander around, and I sighed as I didn’t find him. After all it was a bad idea to meet my informer in a high-class club like this, who was unknown to me as I had only talked to him over phone.

My passion for being the most prominent lawyer of New York has landed me in here, as I wanted an information about the gang wars, maybe a peek into the mystery, which ended on a contact of a person who was eligible to give me information.

Suddenly I saw a guy who was clad in white T-shirt, and black jeans, a disheveled silky brown hair fluttered syncing in with his movements. There was a chain made of threads around his neck, I glanced it suspiciously.

The bobble of his Adam’s apple persuaded me to look up, only to meet his gaze. His glare was as intense as flame spreading i

“Fiesty you are!” He exclaimed.

“And you’re?” I asked sternly, with a firm gaze on his face.

A frown was etched on his round face, which resembled an art, magnum opus of course!

“We were supposed to meet here. Or did you forget that as you were busy beating up some innocent guy who accidentally stumbled upon you?” He smirked.

“Innocent? That guy..leave it..shall we get to the information part which you were supposed to give me?”

“Before that shall I order a drink for you?” He muttered, glancing over the bottles of liquor stacked on the wooden shelves, whilst eyeing the waiter who suddenly dived out from the crowd and walked in front us, a phenomenon which I never witnessed, as this waiter never even knew our existence. There was a glint of fear in his eyes, while he trembled in front of the guy sitting beside me, waiting to take our order.

“No. I didn’t come here for that. What about the information I wanted about the corruption at West bridge construction? Where is it?” I asked, glaring at him, after which I waved at the waiter to leave, which he only obeyed when the guy told him.

“Is it necessary for you to put a loud speaker? The whole point of coming here was to not get caught by anyone.” He glared me intensely, whilst hastily glancing around, reckoning something.

“Whatever. If I was concerned so much, then I wouldn’t have chose this job. So information, where is it? I have a whole report hanging onto this , in which I can’t afford a mistake.” Glancing over my shoulder, meeting few guy’s glares, I turned my head towards the one sitting near me, oblivious to the live surveillance around us. “Some men are watching us. Do the belong to the politician behind the corruption of West bridge?”

Ignoring my words, he crossed his hands across his chest, after his gaze flickered away from me. “Let’s get to business, shall we?”

“Yes.” I nodded.

“The corruption had occurred but the proof leading to the politicians and businessmen has been erased.”

“What the! If that was the information, then why in the hell would you ask money. It’s useless.”

“For the show you are about to witness, something that no one can ever offer.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“The guy sitting in the corner of the counter, drenched in liquor, he is involved in corruption of west bridge, who is about to die.”

“The hell! How can you say that precisely? And how would it happen in such a crowd? Are you kidding..” I was baffled, though being a lawyer, with flair for providing sensational news, I would never fathom the spilling of blood, but that’s life, if I haven’t volunteered to be the one to crackle the bridge corruption that would take New York City by storm, I wouldn’t have got into this mess.

With a swift motion, he stood and strolled past me, and just in time when the DJ as if he got a signal, raised the volume and flooded the club with a high intensity music which almost bursted my ears.

He trotted with firm steps, among the crowd and the reached the guy who was nibbling on the vodka that actually seem to have made him lose the sense of reality.

As he reached the near, I saw his hand’s swift motion, and a faint creak of the guy, who fell on the floor suddenly.

“What the…” I tried to yell but the words wouldn’t spill from my throat. I felt congested, as if a weight was placed over me.

I watched as he slowly drifted in between the crowd and vanished while stood glued to the floor with a trembling body.

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An accidental murder

“Hello, who the hell is this?” Ritu was confused on the continuous calls she was getting from an unknown number.

“Are you deaf and mute? If you are playing with me, be ready to face the consequences, creep!” She shouted while preparing the coffee as she had to work late night in her home for a project.

“Hey, Aarav, where are you and why are you getting late? Come back fast”. Aarav, her friend as well as colleague has promised to accompany her.

Ritu typed fastly. A shiver passed through when she saw another call from the unknown number.

“Ok. That’s it. I am gonna call police now. Are you gonna talk or not? I am not afraid of you.”

“Then why is your voice trembling?” A man was on the other side.

“So you know to talk, huh? Why the hell are you calling me?” Ritu asked.

“You told that I am playing with you but I must say you are better player than me, Ritu…”

“What did you know my name?”

“Let me complete. You know, you are better in playing with someone’s feelings.”

“What are you talking? Hello..Hello..” The call got disconnected. Cold breeze crawled through her body. Sweat beads were dripping through her face even when the A/C was on.

Curtains were dangling as if the breeze had something to tell her. Hurriedly, she called Aarav but it didn’t connect.

The coffee mug escaped from her hands and collapsed on the floor. Her intuitions were nibbling on the darkness, scrutinizing the unfathomable danger she was stepping in.

She ran towards her room holding her phone tightly. She bolted the door and jumped onto the bed.

She tried calling Aarav but a message from the same unknown number dissolved her grip on the phone and it fell off from her hands, terrorising the last bit of braveness in her.

“Soon my time will come..Tik tik..” Read the message.

Her mind rummaged through her thoughts to find the person from her history. Browsing through her history, many moments, persons passed by but none of them could resemble the agony of terror produced by the unknown guy.

Suddenly the door bell rang. She saw her courageous soul snuggling to the corner of the room in trauma.

With a shaking body, she walked towards the front door and opened it.

“Happy birthday, Rituuu….” Shouted Aarav with a bouquet and a cake. “Hey, why do you seem shocked? What happened?”

“Nn..Nothing. How did you know it? I never told you.” Ritu asked in doubt.

“I got a message from an unknown number. I tried calling back but it didn’t connect.”

“Oh my..I was getting calls continuously from an unknown number.”

“What..But who?” Suddenly the bulbs started flickering. “Aarav, I am feeling scared. I can’t control my mind now. Everything seems to be scary to me. Please help me.” She screamed.

“Ok. Look Ritu. Since you rejected my proposal and it was your birthday, I wanted to pull out a prank on you. So using an app, I changed number and my voice but I never knew that it would become this much scary. I am really sorry.”

“You bastard. What have you done? Already knowing that I live in a place where a man has committed suicide, you did this?” Ritu bursted out into tears.

“I am so sorry, Ritu. Please forgive me.”

“Forgive you, huh?” An echo filled the house.

“Ritu..Where are you? How did you disappear?” Aarav was scared as hell. He ran towards her room and opened the door.

Ritu’s body was lying on the floor. While the doorbell rang, she accidentally stepped on the phone and slipped, banging her head on the floor causing an instant death.

“Like you said, your time has come! Tik tik..” A message on his phone peeped towards his pale face as he saw the shadow, her!

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