Murder at room no.7 Chapter – 2

“Sir, I’ve talked with the owner of this hotel over call, he said he’s on a tour but will come over if we need him, such a sweet person he is,” Rob was praising the owner of the hotel where the murders happened.

“Have you checked the identity of these four people?” Ignoring Rob’s praising, Nick asked curiously, as he was rushing towards room no.7.

“First one’s face is distorted, the identies of other three are yet to find out as we couldn’t get the dna checked,” Rob replied.

“Didn’t they have any id? How did they got a room without it?”

“This hotel do such illegal things for higher price,” Rob replied, slowly pacing as the room has reached.

It was calm, Nick felt as if the things placed in it were staring at him, nonchalantly.

A melancholy drifted in the air shielded by the pastel coloured tapestry, the breeze was knocking at the windows, yearning for an invitation.

“This room… Why is it so clean? I mean, it looks like these people never ever came here, it’s too serene to be a crime scene,” Rob blurted after shutting the door behind him.

“You’re right. The dead body was tied to the bed, right?” Nick asked, after contemplating the blood stains which was vanished to thin air.

“Ye looking for blood stains, ah? The killer must’ve cleaned it,” Rob chortled.

“Yeah, our assumptions are right about this being murders,” Nick trotted towards the bathroom.

“But, you were sure about it even before this murder, how so?”

“The pattern, Rob, it’s all in the pattern,” Nick replied, carefully zooming the area for evidences.

“Oh I see. But the killer must’ve made a mistake by stabbing the lady, it just broke his veil,” chuckling, he glanced at Nick.

“No, that ain’t right, Rob. It’s going with a plan, a dreadful one if I put it correctly.”

“I..I didn’t understand, sir,” furrowing his eyebrows, Rob said.

“No time to explain, Rob, we’ve to catch the killer before it’s too late, where’s the hotel’s owner? I’ve to meet him,” Nick asked, “also call the forensics, will you?”

“Let me check sir,” Rob strolled towards the reception of hotel Chariot, after calling in the forensics for further queries.

Nick was immersed in thoughts, as the ceiling looked similar to him, the paintings, the serenity, it’s an art, he thought.

His eyes got stuck in something in between the painting, although he was suddenly interrupted by Rob, who was panting.

“Sir, sir…..The owner..the owner,” Rob was running out of breath, as he felt the wrath of an unknown danger lurking in the shadow.

“What is it Rob?”

“He’s the first one with the distorted face, the one who got murdered,” Rob said, holding the door handle, sweating profusely.

To be continued.🙂

Murder at room no.7 Chapter- 1

“Why can’t they be murders? I mean, as per this bloody newspapers, we can’t say that they all booked the room for suicide!” Detective Nick was frustrated.

“No idea, sir. It’s complicated,” Nick’s assistant Rob said, sitting in the armchair.

“Three men, no signs of murder, a bottle of poison with each dead body, and no other signs of intrusion, they don’t add up for me!” Nick stood by the window, gazed the busy street.

“Sir, what’s your plan?” Rob asked, curiously.

“We need reach the hotel to see the crime scene, and then I’ll proceed,”Nick replied, “which room is it?”

“Room no.7.”

Suddenly Rob’s phone rang.

“Hello Rob here. Eh..what?” He was awestruck.

“What is it, Rob?”

“Sir, one more person died, and that was a murder in which she was stabbed to death!”

“Hurry, let’s go,” Nick rushed outside after taking his black leather jacket.


This is the beginning of my crime thriller series. Chapter 2 will be uploaded soon. Do comment your feedback.☺️

Children coming from waste bin!

“Mom, buy anything and you don’t have to look at the price tags any more!!”, said Neil after getting his first salary, in front of the mall.

“Oh, really. So I want that Audi, can I buy?”

“Ah, mom..”

Suddenly someone snatched her bag. She was in shock. But without wasting a second, Neil ran behind the child who took the bag.

“Caught you. Why did you steal?”

“Brother, I.. I am hungry and am an orphan,” said the boy, crying.

The boy’s tears melted away Neil’s anger. He leaned towards the boy and placed his hands over his shoulder.

“So you want food or a home?”

“Wh..what?” the boy asked, amazed.

“You see that old lady there. She is a thief too. She stole me from my own destiny of being an orphan from the dust bin. Come with me”

I thought children come out of wombs but how did he come from a dust bin?”, immersed in thoughts, he followed Neil with sparkling eyes.

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