Gender crisis!

“Do you want bangles?” The girl in her 20s with her disheveled hair, and untidy dress asked me. “No.” I replied and changed my gaze. “Please,” she said. “Mm, I don’t wear them daily.” “Perhaps for someone closer to you?” “No.” Her face turned gloomy, the road was desolate and this was the exact placeContinue reading “Gender crisis!”

A dreadful 3 a.m.

It was around 3 a.m. when my father got a call from one of his friends telling that his family has got food poisoning. My father reached his home and hospitalised him, his wife and child. His friend is the only son but his parents are living in a separate house. My father insisted toContinue reading “A dreadful 3 a.m.”

A terrific couple!

“You are not attempting pregnancy again. This is your 2nd miscarriage and the trauma of your pain still gives me chills!!”he shouted at his wife. “But..”, she wanted to say something. “Ssh.. Aren’t you satisfied with my childishness? And from now on I am your baby, officially!!” “Aha, no,no I am the baby”, she hesitated.Continue reading “A terrific couple!”

My sister’s marriage

My cousin sister is married to a guy who is a business man. It was an arranged marriage which I couldn’t attend. I was judgemental about him whether he would be nice or not but one meeting was enough for me to call him brother. He has that charisma and aura of happiness around himContinue reading “My sister’s marriage”

The truth about house wives.

My mom is a working woman. One evening, me and my mom were at her friend’s home. Aunty is a house wife and as soon as we reached, they both made tea together. Aunty: So, how was your day today? Mom: It was hectic due to overload. How was yours? Aunty: I too had aContinue reading “The truth about house wives.”

Why you shouldn’t respect women!

“You know she got her babies through IVF!” Said the lady at the function. “Mm,” the other one was nodding. “You know that’s not even the amazing thing, sometimes we can’t even trust these ‘IVF walas’, we wouldn’t even know whose babies they might be!” Both ladies laughed as if they’ve solved a solution toContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t respect women!”

A horrible accident of my life

“Sister, tie my hair with these ribbons, I love it so much.” As the little girl was getting ready for school, sun rays which seeped in through the window, embraced her. She had elder brothers and sisters. Being the youngest child, she was everyone’s sweetheart. Few weeks ago school has started after summer vacation. SheContinue reading “A horrible accident of my life”

An arranged marriage

“No, no, the black one.” Ritu was confused while purchasing a saree. “Madam, I have shown you, every saree!” Salesman stared and left out a sigh. “I feel like purchasing every saree here for my mom. But I am short of budget!” “I have never seen a girl so confused about sarees. Haven’t you everContinue reading “An arranged marriage”

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