The darkness peek into the street She was awake Feeling the freshness of the breeze She walked The desolate road reflected her life Sorrowful Solitude Eternal And when the road diverged A lost puppy joined her trail Just like the way she joined her mother From a trash can To a life of momentary happinessContinue reading “She”


He desired He stared He wanted To be the strands of her hair Only to be eternally touched by her He failed He lost But he couldn’t leave her memories He loved the solitude He loved the loneliness The only thing that allows him to cherish his moments with her at the cemetery.

Gender crisis!

“Do you want bangles?” The girl in her 20s with her disheveled hair, and untidy dress asked me. “No.” I replied and changed my gaze. “Please,” she said. “Mm, I don’t wear them daily.” “Perhaps for someone closer to you?” “No.” Her face turned gloomy, the road was desolate and this was the exact placeContinue reading “Gender crisis!”

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