Murder at room no.7 Chapter- 1

“Why can’t they be murders? I mean, as per this bloody newspapers, we can’t say that they all booked the room for suicide!” Detective Nick was frustrated.

“No idea, sir. It’s complicated,” Nick’s assistant Rob said, sitting in the armchair.

“Three men, no signs of murder, a bottle of poison with each dead body, and no other signs of intrusion, they don’t add up for me!” Nick stood by the window, gazed the busy street.

“Sir, what’s your plan?” Rob asked, curiously.

“We need reach the hotel to see the crime scene, and then I’ll proceed,”Nick replied, “which room is it?”

“Room no.7.”

Suddenly Rob’s phone rang.

“Hello Rob here. Eh..what?” He was awestruck.

“What is it, Rob?”

“Sir, one more person died, and that was a murder in which she was stabbed to death!”

“Hurry, let’s go,” Nick rushed outside after taking his black leather jacket.


This is the beginning of my crime thriller series. Chapter 2 will be uploaded soon. Do comment your feedback.☺️

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