Children coming from waste bin!

“Mom, buy anything and you don’t have to look at the price tags any more!!”, said Neil after getting his first salary, in front of the mall.

“Oh, really. So I want that Audi, can I buy?”

“Ah, mom..”

Suddenly someone snatched her bag. She was in shock. But without wasting a second, Neil ran behind the child who took the bag.

“Caught you. Why did you steal?”

“Brother, I.. I am hungry and am an orphan,” said the boy, crying.

The boy’s tears melted away Neil’s anger. He leaned towards the boy and placed his hands over his shoulder.

“So you want food or a home?”

“Wh..what?” the boy asked, amazed.

“You see that old lady there. She is a thief too. She stole me from my own destiny of being an orphan from the dust bin. Come with me”

I thought children come out of wombs but how did he come from a dust bin?”, immersed in thoughts, he followed Neil with sparkling eyes.

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